How to Perform Hajj

Hajj is an important part in Islam and one of the five pillars of Islam, and how to perform Hajj is a question in which many Muslims and non-Muslims are asking. Every adult Muslim must uphold as he got money and health to go, and its place is in mecca where Muslims all over the world gather to recreate the ritual that the prophet Muhammad took in his last pilgrimage.

  1. Preparing for Hajj

First of all to know How to perform Hajj, you need to have seriousness and dedicate your soul for the one and only god (Allah). So you have to clear your mind, keep your heart open and related with god and you all your sin would be forgiven. Performing Hajj needs you to be sincere and devoted to Allah, It is not because you need more money or comfort life or you just have to fulfill one of the pillars, you make it for your god (Allah) that gave the life to you.

Second the type of How to performing Hajj you will undertake, Muslim have to choose one of a three types to Performing his Hajj;

The one recommended from the prophet Muhammad is called Tamattu’, That involve making Umrah which is the minor of pilgrimage ritual, Then perform the Hajj.

The other two are called Qiran and Ifraad, In Qiran; the pilgrims make the Umrah and Hajj both together with no rest between them, And in Ifraad; only the Hajj been done with out performing Umrah.

Third know the time of the Hajj then pick you passport and make your trip to Mecca which in Saudi Arabia, The Hajj takes place on 8th to 12th of Dhu El Hijja, The 12th month in the Islamic calendar, Put in your consideration that the last day that Saudi Arabia accept pilgrims is 4th of Dhu el Hijja.

fourth be under traditions, As Saudi Arabia have rules for foreigners , As a woman; She must travel with a company of a ( close relative) or a Mehrem, But women over 45 can perform Hajj without Mehrem, if they part of a large group and have an agreement from her husband. All people have to be modest in their clothes, and avoid perfume and makeup, then in the sacred Ihram state of ritual purity, it is forbidden to swear, smoke, shave, cut your nails or engaging in any sexual relationship. 

  1. Performing the rites of Hajj

First, you must enter the state of Ihram and declare your intention for making Hajj, return to your modest clothes. Then renew your intention that will help you to clear your mind once again and strengthen your relationship with God.

You will be in the state of Ihram for three days and as said before that you have to prevent yourself from shaving, cutting nails or engaging in sexual relationships.

Second, go to Mina, in your first day of Hajj pilgrims goes to Mina, it’s a town near Mecca to spent the day in it, Men and women stay in separated tents to spend the night, No major ritual takes place, So most pilgrims spend their day praying.

Third, go to Arafat and perform Wuquf, Arafat is a nearby mountain Which pilgrims must reach in the second day by afternoon, in this time the ritual of Waquf begin, from the time that sun shines until it sets again completely. Pilgrims have to keep holding a vigil on the plain of Arafat during the time they pray and ask God for mercy and blessing and that was an important rituals of how to perform Hajj.

Fourth after sun goes down the pilgrim goes to Muzdalifah, a place between Arafat and Mina, where they pray the prayer of “Maghrib” (the evening pray), and spend his night sleeping on the ground in the open air facing the sky.

Fifth in the morning the pilgrim head back to Mina after gathering up some small stones which he will be using to perform EL Ramy (stoning), which it’s a ceremony meant to symbolize stoning the devil, you will throw seven consecutive pebbles at a special stone monument called the Jamarat Al Aqabah.

Sixth, you must make a scarification, which you will scarify an animal to God, pilgrims purchase a sacrifice voucher, or a camel for every seven pilgrims, butcher the animals, and then give their meat to the poor people all over the world.

Seventh after sacrificing you shave your hair again for men and have a short haircut for women, as in Umrah, if you shaved your hair very short you may need to shave it completely now for men that is as a signification for ending the Ihram.

Eighths you will again go to Mina to perform El Ramy again after sun goes down in the fourth and fifth days, but this time you will have to throw the pebbles not only at the Jamrat al Aqabah, but also at two other monuments – the Jamrat Oolah and Jamrat Wustah.

Throw pebbles at the Jamrat Oolah, then ask God for mercy and pray, there are no specific prayers. Then make this again but at Jamrat Wustah. Then at the Jamrat al Aqabah, then you can go home or pray if you want, but you do not need to pray after. you can just return home and come the next day to repeat what you have done in the fourth day.

Ninth is the last step you take in the last part before your Hajj is over, which is to perform the Farewell Tawaf, Make your final Tawaf, As you make it before, while this farewell Tawaf, make it sincerety with Allah and remember that all your sins have been forgiven and seek for a better life with minimal sins and a better relationship with God. be faithful for this great experience you made, and then depart to your home.

For foreign pilgrims are required to leave Saudi Arabia by the 10th of Muharram (the 1st month of the Islamic calendar). Now you have done your Hajj and you now know how to perform Hajj again if you want, You can make Umrah any time you want, Unlike Hajj that needs a certain time.