This package is designed for the pilgrim who wishes to enjoy Alehsan’s service at an affordable price. You may chose to travel to the holy city of Makkah or Madinah first. Pilgrims will enjoy hotel accommodations located very close to both Harams. Pilgrims will always have access to their hotels throughout the length of their trip even during Manasik. Our distinguished leaders from Alehsan Travel will also offer frequent lectures preparing you for the rituals of Hajj. In Mena, pilgrims will enjoy accommodations at our upgraded American coveted camps.

****Dates are tentative and subject to change based on Saudi Arabia Air Traffic Rules and Regulations and Hijri Calendar****

****All prices include mandated Saudi government taxes of 10%, however prices do not include Hajj fee of $460 and Qurbani of $115****


1A Jul 21, 2020 Aug 5, 2020
1B Jul 24, 2020 Aug 8, 2020


4 beds

$6,950 per person

3 beds

$7,500 per person

2 beds

$8,650 per person


Round Trip Airfaire
JFK > CAI > MED and return will be JED > CAI > JFK
JFK > CAI > JED and return will be MED > CAI > JFK


Half Board Open Buffet
Daily Breakfast & Dinner


Air-Conditioned Coach Buses

Tour Holy Sites

Jabal Uhud
Masjid Quba
Masjid Al Qiblatayn
Janatul Baqi


       4 days in Almukhtara Intl Hotel
Up to 9 nights in Le Meridian Towers Hotel
UPGRADED American Tents in Mina/Arafat

Deluxe Package 1A/1B Itinerary

  • Package Features
  • Day Of Departure
  • The Following Day
  • Arrival To Hotel
  • 4th – 5th of Zul Hijja
  • 8th of Zul Hijja
  • 9th of Zul Hijja
  • 10th of Zul Hijja (Eid)
  • 11th – 12th of Zul Hijja
  • 13th of Zul Hijja



  • Accommodations in Le Meridian Towers Hotel in Makkah & Almukhtara International Hotel in Madinah
  • Access to Upgraded American Mena Camps
  • Foam mattress sleeping chair accommodations in your Mena unit with pillows and covers


  • Breakfast and dinner buffets will be provided in both hotels
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided in Mena
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided in Arafat

Core features and services

  • Dedicated agent throughout the booking process as well as a dedicated group leader for your Hajj trip
  • Hajj tutorial sessions prior to your trip through in-person seminars
  • Dedicated qualified leaders in each program to provide you spiritual guidance throughout your trip
  • Medically qualified staff available for general assistance
  • Our team of staff members are available and assisting you at all times


  • Hajj draft fee $460 (Subject to change by Ministry of Hajj)
  • Sacrifice/Zabiha ($115 will be paid in Saudi Arabia)
  • Domestic flight to international gateways
  • Excess baggage charges (check baggage requirements for your airline)
  • Extra meals (anything not included in the tour itinerary)
  • Personal expenses (anything not included in the tour itinerary)


  • Dates are tentative and subject to change based on early booking and airline availability
  • Hotel dates are based on moon sighting and/or Saudi Arabia Air Traffic Rules and Regulations. Therefore if extra nights are necessary before departure to JFK you will be accommodated by Alehsan Travel in Makkah or Jeddah
  • We will not move your luggage or send you to a building in Azizia

Please be aware that you must be at JFK airport no later than 3 hours prior to your flight. Please take into consideration that there are extensive security checks and the airport will be very busy for the hajj season, so plan enough time. If you arrive late you risk the chance of missing your flight. It is important that you wear your ID’s in JFK airport so that the group leader can easily recognize you and assist you with anything that you may need. Everyone will be responsible for checking in his/her own luggage individually however we will still be there to help. Please double check and make sure that your luggage has the correct tags of the final destination that you are arriving to. If you are on another air carrier other than Egypt Air than you will be on your own at the airport but will meet with someone at your final destination; Jeddah or Madinah.

Depending on your air carrier you will most likely have a stopover for a few hours. For those traveling on Egypt Air a representative will be with you to assist you with anything that you may need and may also go over a few things with you in the mean time. In a few hours you will then board another plane to reach your final destination. You will arrive in the holy city of where you will find a representative from Alehsan waiting for you their numbers will be on the back of the ID. Please make sure you are wearing your ID; this is the only way that the group leader can identify you. He will assist in getting you out of the airport and to the hotel.

For those arriving at Jeddah airport your patience is greatly appreciated. There are thousands of people arriving at the same time and there is excessive paper work that needs to be completed before departing the airport. We will do everything we can to make this process as easy as possible.

For those arriving at Madinah airport as you exit the airport there will be people collecting your passports you must give it to them and then exit the airport as you exit you will find someone holding Alehsan travel sign and will take you out the buses. Please keep an eye on your luggage. As we are doing the best that we can to assist you, you are more aware of your luggage than anyone else. Please make sure it goes on top of the busses so that nothing gets left behind.

Upon arriving to your hotel you will be assigned your rooms numbers, given your keys and any further instructions that are needed. Please go up to your room and check that everything is okay. If there is anything that seems off please notify us right away so that we may assist you. Upon arriving to Makkah you may chose to rest or go ahead and perform your Umrah.

For those in Madinah you will enjoy the reward of pray at the Masjid Al Nabawwi and do your Zeyara to the Prophet’s grave (PBUH). There will be signs posted near elevators and on boards when meetings or lectures will be held. Please be aware of these signs, as it is very important to attend the meetings to know what will be happening next.

If you went to Madinah first this will be the day that you will leave to Makkah. Before you leave for Makkah, you will enter the state of Ihram. For women, you will enter the state of Ihram in the hotel. Men can either enter the state of ihram at the hotel or at the Mikat on the way to Makkah. The bus will make several stops as there are many check points that we must go through. We will also stop to pray and take lunch. If anybody has any special needs please make sure to notify us prior. Upon arriving to Makkah you will once again be given your keys and rooms and be free to perform your Umrah at anytime.

Prior to this day we will meet with you again to explain the first part of your Manasik: moving to Mina. Approx fajr time: We will set off for Mina. We will be staying there the whole day, (until the Fajr of the next day which is the day of Arafat) as prescribed in the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We will not leave anyone behind however your attentiveness is greatly required. We will call you in your rooms and let you know when to come down and everyone must be ready.

After Fajr time, we will move to Arafat where it is very important to be involved in reading the Qur’an, making tasbeeh and making dua. This is the day of Hajj! Ask for all that your heart desires and may plenty of dua’a for yourself and your brothers and sisters in Islam. We will have to be together and moving as a group so please be aware of any instructions. We will listen to the Khutba of Arafat and make dua together as well.

After Maghreb (exact time will be announced) we will move to Muzdelifah, where you will collect your stones and we will stay until after the Fajr of the 10th of Zul Hijja (the day of Eid).

After Fajr we will return to Mina again. From there, we will prepare to walk to the Jamarat. The Jamarat is for every able bodied person. If you are unable to talk you may give your stones to someone else to perform it on your behalf.

We will stay in Mina for two days for the throwing of Jamarat once again. With this we end our Hajj! May Allah accept it from us all InshAllah. If you wish to go back to hotel you have full access but please be aware that during these days transportation will be on your own until the last day that we all leave back to Makkah.

Please be alert to group leader’s instructions. Due to the new rules and regulations of the air traffic control we will be spending an extra two nights. However if the nights will be spent in Makkah then you do not need to do your Tawaf Al Wada the day before your final departure. Airline regulations require us to be at the airport 12 hours before departure time. We will leave the hotels when it is permitted and stop at Motawif Office to pick up everyone’s passport and then be on our way to the airport.